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We're continually working to extend our trapping lines, and expand our weed eradication work. Cash donations can help us in a number of ways. If you want to make a donation you can email us, contact us through our Facebook page, or you can deposit your donation directly into our bank account:

Endeavour Inlet Conservation Trust
03 1592 0578045

Trust treasurer Brian Burke checking and setting new traps

Trust treasurer Brian Burke checking and setting new traps

Buy a trap

  • DOC200 traps - $54.00
    The Doc 200 has passed ‘draft’ NAWAC (National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee) guidelines as a humane kill trap for stoats, rats and hedgehogs.
  • Victor professional rat trap - $34.00
    Unlike ordinary snap traps for the homeowner, these traps are specifically designed for professional pest management use. 
  • Trapinator possum trap - $55.00
    The Trapinator Possum Kill Trap ($58.00) is a specifically designed trap for possums & feral cats developed in conjunction with the Department Of Conservation.
  • Henry automatic possum trap - $125.00
  • Henry automatic rat/stoat trap - $184.00
    Goodnature Henry traps are powered by compressed C02 gas. The gas source is a small, recyclable canister that will power and reset the trap multiple times before needing to be replaced. They are toxin free, and work by striking the skull of the animal with a steel-cored, glass reinforced polymer Piston, killing it instantly. 

Buy bait for our traps

  • Dehydrated rabbit to attract stoats  - $23.95
  • 'Smooth in a tube' to attract possums - $17.95
  • Peanut butter to attract rats - $8.00

Other ways you can help

As a supporter there are many different ways you can help the Trust. These include

  • joining our email list or liking us on Facebook
  • helping us to write applications for community grants
  • supporting the maintenance of the website
  • donating materials such as timber off cuts for penguin boxes or rat tunnels.

Please get in touch!